Safe Protocol for Mobile Devices

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Safe Protocol for Mobile Devices

Here are some simple ways to ensure your mobile device is protected.

It seems like we’re hearing more and more about retail data breaches all over the news.  We should also be looking at safe-guarding your personal data on your mobile device, which should be a no brainer, but the simplest tasks are often overlooked by most mobile users.  The Android device is the most flexible and widespread platform on the market, and is often the most highly visible target for hackers.

So, how do data experts suggest users practice safe protocol for mobile devices?  There are simple ways to ensure your mobile devices and especially Android devices are secure.  The first and easiest, though often overlooked, is to create a password.  This is the easiest and certainly the first thing you should configure after initial setup.

Android has been in the news recently along with the retail breaches due to the wave of Malware attacks that have hit the devices.  It is therefore a good idea to set up an anti-malware app.  You can also make sure you are activating Google’s own defenses and security features that are built in.  You can easily Google “Android Device Manager Page” and sort through the security features provided.  Another simple strategy to utilize Droid security is to make sure that you are running the latest and most current version of Android-KitKat and update your software.  Always make sure the network you are on is secure.  Never transmit personal or sensitive company data on an unsecure data (No, Starbucks does not count!)

In this day and age we need to be more diligent than ever with personal and sensitive business data, whether it be via PC, tablet, or mobile devices.  When in doubt, the old adage of safety first should always come into play.  With some basic common sense steps, it should be easy to keep a secure Android device at all times.

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