Retained Search

blueStone offers retained search.

We thrive on being industry experts, and we understand what it takes to deliver results.

We provide our clients with guaranteed performance outcomes in a timely fashion. blueStone Executive Search believes that we have exactly what you need to achieve success.

You can trust our skilled recruiters for your critically important hires.

Retained search is particularly appropriate when the need is urgent. That hire will have a significant impact on company performance, and new opportunities may emerge that must be quickly addressed. Retained executive search represents a commitment from both sides and sends a strong message to candidates that the company highly values this opportunity.


Delivering competitive advantage in a retained search firm.

Being industry experts is a critical component to being successful with retained searches. To ensure that the candidate you hire will ultimately drive business success for your company, our retained search experts invest up front in comprehensive research. We assess both the position and the corporate strategy.

Because we proceed in a highly efficient and consultative fashion to find the perfect match between your needs and the capabilities of the candidates, our retained executive search team is able to quickly deliver the most qualified candidates for your consideration.


blueStone Executive Search provides you with exceptional results.

Our retained executive search consultants remain with you every step of the way, meeting you at the beginning and following through with you and the successful candidate long after the hire.

With blueStone Executive Search, one of our expert recruiters serves as your personal guide through filling that position. The result of that singular dedication is an extremely high success rate for retained executive search. We believe that we can show you the results you want, & then some.

For critically important hires, getting everything right the first time is crucial for success. We make sure everyone is on the same page through extensive communication. Our retained search recruiters are true business partners with your company. By clarifying expectations and minimizing misunderstandings at the outset, we ensure that your organization moves efficiently through the retained recruiting process.

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