Our Values

As executive recruitment professionals, the insights we bring, the advice we impart and the solutions we provide can have a significant impact on the businesses, careers and lives of others. We recognize these responsibilities and take them seriously. We adhere to a code of professional ethics with an emphasis on honesty and integrity — handling our relationships with clients, candidates and colleagues with great care.

  • As recruiters, above all we value quality — the quality of the service we provide our clients, whether we have been retained to recruit a senior executive, advise a board or conduct a leadership assessment exercise. Our search process is thorough, efficient and tailored to meet the needs of each client.
  • We value long-term relationships above short-term gain. We invest fully in the training and development of our own people and in technology, and pursue a relentless dedication to quality work.
  • We draw our energy and creativity from working together. We foster teamwork through our highly effective practice structure.
  • This distinctive culture continues to attract exceptional people to our firm and we are resolved to continue reaching for the highest standards of professionalism in our work. We take pride in our position as one of the world’s leading professional recruitment firms, but we do not allow ourselves to become complacent: we value our relationships with our clients and we are always striving to improve.
Find out what blueStone values; you'll see it matches with your own.
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