Looking Through the Crystal Ball and Into Big Data: The Logistics Behind Anticipatory Shipping

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Looking Through the Crystal Ball and Into Big Data: The Logistics Behind Anticipatory Shipping

Where’s the crystal ball? It’s in the hands of predictive analytics, and retailers are on a fast track to save you the effort of thinking. It’s in their hands now.

Big Data is being leveraged to propel retail sales and spare the consumer the “agony” of exerting the mental or physical labor it takes to actually “shop”.  Retailers are now striving to “leave the shopping, shipping and thinking to them”.

When it comes to big data and analytics, boundaries are being pushed and lines are being crossed over by innovative approaches to customer service, and anticipatory shipping is just another example of the power of data.  Data collected from previous purchases or shopping/browsing histories is compiled to predict your next purchase, and with anticipatory shipping your approval is no longer needed – but the time it takes to do a return may be.

Anticipatory shipping, while potentially a risk to retailers (the cost of returns), may be more beneficial than detrimental. The fact the consumer audience is no longer required to think makes a company’s marketing department a little more vulnerable, an IT organization much more valuable, and the shipping department the key to success.  Logistics and shipping time, along with the innovative analysis driven from big data, helps retailers deliver products to you that they “think you may need or want”. A consumer no longer needs to think, and a retailer no longer needs to compete.

Amazon is a huge proponent of the power of big data and anticipatory shipping.  For more information refer to: http://www.bigdatalandscape.com/tag/anticipatory

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