Cloud Computing – Is Oracle Finally Embracing it?

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Cloud Computing – Is Oracle Finally Embracing it?

Oracle and its former CEO Larry Ellison, were not making any visible moves to show they would embrace computing. But that looks like that could be changing very soon as they have announced the hiring of Google App Engine creator Peter Magnusson for a Sr. VP role.

Magnusson’s resume includes most recently a VP of Engineering title at Snapchat and before, the coveted spot of Engineering Director at Google where he was responsible for Google’s platform which offered App Engine, as well as largely developing the strategy for Cloud Platform.

This comes at a time where for the past year, cloud companies seeking investments have been given largely the cold shoulder. The three big public cloud players- Microsoft, Google and Amazon- are racing to conquer the middle mass market but Oracle has never competed in that field.

“Extreme performance has always been part of the Oracle brand,” Larry Ellison told delegates. “What has not always been a part of the Oracle brand is the notion of extreme ease of use and extreme low cost.” The Oracle Cloud platform, he said, changes that. “Our cloud is bigger than people think, and it’s going to get a lot bigger,” he added.

The cloud has made software easier to write, execute and maintain and therefore it’s easier and cheaper to sell. By deploying software in the cloud, you don’t need hundreds of consultants to integrate it to your existing infrastructure, which means SaaS companies are expected to thrive.

At Oracle OpenWorld last month, Ellison first expressed real excitement about Oracle’s new cloud capabilities, making expansions in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, and even a cloud capable version of Java.

No one expected Magnusson to leave his Google Director seat for Snapchat. But now Snapchat is one of of Google’s largest cloud customers making the transition now look genius and calculated. Why exactly he accepted an offer from Oracle, no one is 100% sure but we will soon find out.

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