Braving Big Data and Encountering the Hurdles

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Braving Big Data and Encountering the Hurdles

With all the advantages of utilizing the wealth of information retrieved from big data, now enters the reality of exploring the unknown factors that determine how the real information race may be won.

Like an athlete, a company has the vision to yield the victory of its strengths with the informative power of big data, but like the challenge of an unknown track, unforeseen hurdles may hinder performance.

What is an excessive amount of data? How do you determine the amount of data that you need to store to achieve your end result? Are there security issues involved? Can you afford the expenditure? How do you maintain the data and for how long? With the victory of winning the quest for big data comes the agony of the feat – how do you assess, plan and secure a successful finish without preparing for the race?

There are multiple perspectives involved in deciphering the repercussions of big data. Whether it’s the question of legality, cost, social and ethical implications, data/process quality, governance, and a barrage of other uncertainties, the role that big data plays and the challenges throughout the course need to be carefully assessed and explored before you commit to the race.

Companies are compelled to reach their big data goals, and to help understand how some decision makers are attempting to understand how to assess the hurdles, visit:

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